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Who is G2?

G2 Implement is a small family-owned business, specializing in skid steer and compact tractor attachments.  We aim to provide high quality, made in America attachments at a reasonable price.  We are dedicated to finding our customers the right sized attachment for their application.  G2 stands behind what we sell and will make sure any warranty issues are handled appropriately and timely.  We believe that being straight forward and honest is the best way to do business.  I started G2 Implement to serve Northern Minnesota farmers, contractors, landscapers, property managers,

home/land/cabin owners, hunters/food plotters and gardeners.  My goal was to find manufacturer’s that could meet these standards of high quality and affordability while also offering a wide range of options to customers.  RhinoAg is based out of Gibson City, IL and provides a wide variety of tractor implements both large and small and are well respected for their dependability and performance.  Jenkins is based out of Long Prairie, MN and offers a broad selection of skid steer implements built with the goal of high quality and durability – you can count on it to work, day in and day out, through

whatever you can throw at it.  As a hunting land owner, I’m always using my skid steer and tractor to clear and maintain trails and shooting lanes and install food plots.  I understand and appreciate the value of having the right quality attachments to make tasks easy, less time consuming and more enjoyable to complete.  I will be stocking a variety of skid steer and compact tractor implements.  If you are looking for something specific, I can order in items from each vendors full product lineup to serve you.  I look forward to getting you into the proper attachment for your needs!

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